Thursday, October 25th 2012
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Town and Gown Workshop, org. by Dr S. Chaouche and Dr K. Watson

Daily Life and the Capital City Research Group

Workshop: Town and Gown
Saturday 17 November 2012
Venue: Oxford Brookes University, Green Room, Headington Hill Hall

Town and Gown Workshop, org. by Dr S. Chaouche and Dr K. Watson
The workshop focuses on the daily life of Oxford University students, staff and faculty from 1700 to 1920, and in the longer term will seek to draw comparisons between the major universities of Oxford and the Sorbonne in Paris (re the daily life theme).

In the morning we will explore the history of Oxford and, broadly, its representations in various contexts, as well as comparative aspects relating to Oxford, London and Paris.

In the afternoon, we will focus on digitisation in the Humanities and will present more specifically our project in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

9:30: Coffee and registration

9:50: Welcome by Prof Anne-Marie Kilday (Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Part 1: Historical Perspectives (chair: Dr Joanne Bailey)

10:00: Prof Henry French (University of Exeter): ‘Still at the University there is some discipline to curb yong men’: Families, Universities and Masculine Norms, 1680-1860
10:45: Dr Katherine Watson (Oxford Brookes University): Crime, Law and the University
11:15: Dr Angela McShane (Victoria and Albert Museum): Social Life and Things in Early Modern Oxford and Paris

11:45 Coffee break

Part 2: Comparative Perspectives (chair: Dr Katherine Watson)

12:00: Dr Elaine Tierney (Victoria and Albert Museum): Clearing Away the Everyday: Preparing for Festival in London and Paris, 1660-1715
12:30: Dr Darina Martykanova (EHESS, Paris): Institutions and the Production and Circulation of Knowledge: Some Considerations of Methodology

13:00: Lunch (Dining Room, Headington Hill Hall)

Part 3: Methodological Perspectives (chair: Dr Sabine Chaouche)

14:15: Dr Adrian Ager (Oxford Brookes University): Record Linkage - A Methodological Approach to Understanding and Mapping Criminal Communities
14:45: Dr Philippe Marcerou (Director, Paris-Sorbonne Library): Bibliothèque de la Sorbonne: New Buildings, New Services

15:30 Tea break

15:45: Dr Sabine Chaouche (Oxford Brookes University): Oxford Revisited? The Chinnery Correspondence
16:00: Drs Sabine Chaouche, Katherine Watson and Adrian Ager: The Town and Gown Project: First Steps and Prototype

16:30: Roundtable discussion

17:00: Close

Sabine Chaouche


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