The journal publishes thematic volumes relating to any period through special issues (two issues per year); (printed and online publication by Editions Classiques Garnier). Thematic volumes submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed by the editorial board prior to any publication. Articles can also be sent to external reviewers. The Director and General Editor is Prof. Sabine Chaouche. If you have any queries and want to know more about the peer-review process, please contact her (

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Articles which emphasize historical, cultural, practical, or literary aspects or which feature interdisciplinary or comparative subjects are particularly welcome. The journal encourages articles focusing on primary sources or barely known documents, as well as those that apply theoretical and critical approaches. Articles can be submitted either in French or English. A special issue will include eight to twelve contributions.


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How to submmit a proposal?

You should prepare:

- a cover letter including your contact details

- a proposal including:

1. the proposed title of the special issue;
2. a summary of the topic area to be focused upon;
3. a justification of its relevance and, if applicable, its origin (e.g. proceedings of a conference);
4. the potential editor or co-editors;
5. the potential authors OR the list of the contributions and authors (abstracts of 250 words included);
6. a timetable: call for papers (if applicable); review of articles; editing and proofreading.

If the proposal is accepted, editor(s) will be responsible for:

- preparing the call for papers (if applicable);
- getting submissions, arranging the review process, making decisions relating to the quality of the issue;
- providing all authors’ contact information;
- carrying out all correspondence with the contributors;
- updating the editor of EDPS on the progress of the special issue;
- providing and sending the completed and approved final versions of the articles formatted in the EDPS’s style (especially footnotes and bibliography);
- publicizing the special issue broadly to various mailing lists and sites.

Images: All authors should agree to supply illustrations of an appropriate quality (colour or black and white, at least 300dpi). The number of images is limited and images which can be found online will not be accepted. Editions Classiques Garnier have clear guidelines re: images and copyright which will be sent to the editors.

Length: Each contribution should not exceed 6,000-7,000 words in length (footnotes included).

Instructions and guidelines to contributors will be sent via email (they will follow Editions Classiques Garnier's conventions)

Proposals should be addressed to the Director and sent at the following email address:

Any thematic issue will be peer-reviewed prior to any publication. Amendments may be asked, and articles which would not follow academic standards will be rejected.

EDPS n°6: Shakespeare sur la scène française hier et aujourd'hui. John Golder (dir.)

EDPS n°6: Shakespeare sur la scène française hier et aujourd'hui. John Golder (dir.)
edpms06_tabmat.pdf EdpMS06_tabmat.pdf  (43.56 KB)

European Drama and Performance Studies - list of publications

N°1 - Le Développement du "grand spectacle" en France: Politiques, gestions, innovations. 1715-1864 (S. Chaouche and Roxane Martin ed.) - 2013 - 1
N°2 - L'Eloquence du silence. Dramaturgie du non-dit sur la scène théâtrale des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles (Helene Bilis and Jennifer Tamas ed.) - 2014 - 1
N°3 - Le document iconographique dans son contexte : le hors-champ des images du spectacle (A. Folco and J.-Y. Vialleton ed.) - 2014 - 2
N°4 - Dance and the Dutch Republic (Michiel Schuijer, and Jed Wentz ed.) - 2015 - 1
N°5 - Consuming Female Performers (from the 1850s to the 1950s) (S. Chaouche, C. Sadoun-Edouard ed.) - 2015 - 2
N°6 - Shakespeare en scène, hier et aujourd'hui (John Golder ed.) - 2016 - 1
N°7 - Le Suicide au théâtre (N. Courtès ed.) - 2016 - 2
N°8 - Danse et morale, une approche généalogique/Dance and Morality : a diachronic historical approach (Ignacio Vallejos, Marie Glon ed.) 2017-1

In press:
[HS 1] - Déjouer l'injouable : la scène contemporaine à l'épreuve de l'impossible (A. Folco et S. Ruset), 2017
N°9 - Écrire pour la scène : auteurs de théâtre (XVe-XVIIIe siècles) (S. Chaouche, Estelle Doudet et Olivier Spina), 2017-2

The CESAR Project

The CESAR Project
CESAR est une ressource en ligne, mise au service de tous ceux qui s'intéressent au théâtre français des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles — étudiants, chercheurs, spécialistes du sujet, ou simples amateurs de théâtre. Le site offre deux principales sources d'information liées entre elles — une base de données et une banque d'images — mais aussi des ressources supplémentaires (version en ligne de l'intégralité des anthologies des Frères Parfaict et de Léris, sélection de comptes-rendus de l'époque, rapports de police et textes théoriques). Tous ces documents peuvent être consultés à partir de la base de données ou de la banque d'images.

CESAR is a resource at the service of all those with an interest in the French theatre of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries — students, researchers, scholars, enthusiasts. It offers two major interlinked facilities — a database and an imagebank — but also supplementary materials (complete online versions of key compendia such as Parfaict and Léris, a corpus of contemporary reviews, police reports and treatises), all of which are accessible from either the database or the imagebank.

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