EUROPEAN DRAMA AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES (EDPS 5) - Consuming Female Performers 1850s-1950s. ed. by S. Chaouche and Clara Edouard

EUROPEAN DRAMA AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES (EDPS 5) - Consuming Female Performers 1850s-1950s. ed. by S. Chaouche and Clara Edouard
Référence bibliographique : European Drama and Performance Studies, Editions Classiques Garnier, 2015. EAN13 : 9782812448416.

This special issue focuses on the way in which female performers expressed their talent by staging their body and in the meantime became commodities and were fashioned by a growing consumer and capitalist society (hence the use of the verb “consuming”). It goes beyond 'clichés' on music hall stars as prostitutes by assessing the theatrical and cinematographic responses given by authors, artists and the Industry to audiences aiming to socialize in popular districts or places, from the mid-nineteenth century (first music-halls, cabarets and later Variety theatres in Europe) to broadly speaking, the 1950s and Marlène Dietrich, especially with the use of the female body as a modern spectacular form of popular entertainment. It builds on a transnational approach focusing on Great Britain, the United States and France. The performer is not reduced to her body alone but also examined in a broader context including literary movements, the fashion industry, the arts and media. Contributors explore body stories, the way in which actresses played with genre and sexuality, and were regarded as a commodity and finally consumed as celebrities.

Catherine Authier, Julien Botella, Corinne François-Denève, Hélène Laplace-Claverie, Edlira Mandis, Allison Neal, Véronique Pouillard-Maliks, Jacqueline Razgonnikoff, Nina Rolland, Clara Sadoun-Édouard, Marlis Schweitzer, Rachel Shteir, Michelle Finamore, Klaus Van den Berg, Gabriel P. Weisberg, Stephanie Wooler, Jean-Claude Yon.


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Canular n°17 - 2 - Plays by Shakespeare

Find the real titles of the plays by Shakespeare!

The Two Gentle Means of The Heron
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Answers below.

The CESAR Project

The CESAR Project
CESAR est une ressource en ligne, mise au service de tous ceux qui s'intéressent au théâtre français des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles — étudiants, chercheurs, spécialistes du sujet, ou simples amateurs de théâtre. Le site offre deux principales sources d'information liées entre elles — une base de données et une banque d'images — mais aussi des ressources supplémentaires (version en ligne de l'intégralité des anthologies des Frères Parfaict et de Léris, sélection de comptes-rendus de l'époque, rapports de police et textes théoriques). Tous ces documents peuvent être consultés à partir de la base de données ou de la banque d'images.

CESAR is a resource at the service of all those with an interest in the French theatre of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries — students, researchers, scholars, enthusiasts. It offers two major interlinked facilities — a database and an imagebank — but also supplementary materials (complete online versions of key compendia such as Parfaict and Léris, a corpus of contemporary reviews, police reports and treatises), all of which are accessible from either the database or the imagebank.

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