Publication: Dance and the Duch Republic (ed. Michiel Schuijer and Jed Wentz), European Drama and Performance Studies 4

Publication: Dance and the Duch Republic (ed. Michiel Schuijer and Jed Wentz), European Drama and Performance Studies 4
Jed Wentz

Rebekah Ahrendt
A Huguenot Impresario in the Dutch Republic

Rudolf Rasch
Jacob Klein “The Elder”, Dancing Master of the Amsterdam City Theatre in Corelli’s Time

Michael Burden
Masque, Nationality, and Image. Baiting the show with a Dutch Dance

Jennifer Thorp
London Celebrations of the Wedding between the Princess Royal and the Prince of Orange in 1733-1734

Anna De Haas and Jed Wentz
Les Enfans du Sr. Frederic. The Identities and Performances of a Theatre Family Active in The United Provinces, 1758-1763

Anna De Haas and Jed Wentz
A Key to the List of Performances of Caroline and Charlotte Frederic
The Known Performances of Caroline and Charlotte Frederic, 1753-1763
Index of names



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It has been 175 years, since 1833, that Éditions Garnier has been providing the best current editions of Antique, French and Worldwide literature.

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Jeunes chercheurs: Iris Julia Bührle

Jeunes chercheurs: Iris Julia Bührle
Iris Julia Bührle was born in Rome and studied History of Art, Comparative Literature and International Relations at the University of Stuttgart, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris (Maîtrise 2005), Sciences Po Paris (Master’s 2006) and University of Oxford (Master’s 2007). She has written two Master’s theses and numerous articles on ballet, including for programmes of the Munich Opera and the Paris Opera’s magazine En Scène (2015). In 2008, she assisted in organizing the Bavarian State Ballet’s festival week, Petipa symposium and John Cranko gala. Her other research interests include UNESCO, an organization she worked with for various projects on history and the arts. She has also contributed to a three-volume German edition of Marcel Proust’s letters for Suhrkamp in Berlin (publication due in 2015). In 2011, she authored a biography of the British dancer Robert Tewsley: Robert Tewsley: dancing beyond borders (bilingual English/ German, Würzburg: K&N). She recently published her Ph.D. thesis entitled Literature and Dance: the choreographic adaptation of works of literature in Germany and France from the 18th century to the present day (German, Würzburg: K&N, 2014).

The CESAR Project

The CESAR Project
CESAR est une ressource en ligne, mise au service de tous ceux qui s'intéressent au théâtre français des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles — étudiants, chercheurs, spécialistes du sujet, ou simples amateurs de théâtre. Le site offre deux principales sources d'information liées entre elles — une base de données et une banque d'images — mais aussi des ressources supplémentaires (version en ligne de l'intégralité des anthologies des Frères Parfaict et de Léris, sélection de comptes-rendus de l'époque, rapports de police et textes théoriques). Tous ces documents peuvent être consultés à partir de la base de données ou de la banque d'images.

CESAR is a resource at the service of all those with an interest in the French theatre of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries — students, researchers, scholars, enthusiasts. It offers two major interlinked facilities — a database and an imagebank — but also supplementary materials (complete online versions of key compendia such as Parfaict and Léris, a corpus of contemporary reviews, police reports and treatises), all of which are accessible from either the database or the imagebank.

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