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French Studies, UK - 04/22/2011

"French Studies is published on behalf of the Society for French Studies. The journal publishes articles and reviews spanning all areas of the subject, including language and linguistics (historical...

Revue d'Histoire du Théâtre, France - 11/13/2010

Address: Revue d’Histoire du Théâtre, BnF - 58, rue de Richelieu - 75084 Paris cedex 02.

Studi Francesi, Italy - 11/12/2011

La revue «Studi francesi» publie des articles relatifs à la littérature et à la civilation française. Directeur : Lionello Sozzi Directeur adjoint : Gabriella Bosco, Paola...

The Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, UK - 12/11/2011

The Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies (JECS) is the official journal of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Founded in 1972, JECS publishes essays and reviews on a full range of...

The Romanic Review, US - 01/08/2011

"The Romanic Review is a journal devoted to the study of Romance literatures.Founded by Henry Alfred Todd in 1910, it is published by the Department of French and Romance Philology of Columbia...

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Interview with Dr Jed Wentz, researcher and performer
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Interview de Jean-Denis Monory, acteur et metteur en scène.
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