Canular n°21 - 3 - Pièces de Plaute

Niveau : difficile

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L'Amphi triomphe
La Comédie des mânes
L'Arthrite à l'annulaire
Les Baksheeshs
Les Califes
Elastina ou l'étireur de corps
La Cafèt'
Le Paramythe
"Et pis" dit Guss
Les Mémères
Le Charmant
Le Seul Dard fanfaron
La Psalmodie de Brantôme
L'Oeil perçant
Le Petit Cartable grivois
Le Pasteur
Le Corsage
Les Trois Ecumes
Le Futal

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La Comédie des ânes
La Marmite ou l'Aululaire
Les Bacchides
Les Captifs
Casina ou les Tireurs de sort
La Cassette
Le Parasite
Les Ménechmes
Le Marchand
Le Soldat fanfaron
La Comédie du fantôme (Le Revenant)
Le Persan
Le Petit Carthaginois
Le Cordage
Les Trois Ecus
Le Brutal

Sabine Chaouche

European Drama and Performance Studies - list of publications

N°1 - Le Développement du "grand spectacle" en France: Politiques, gestions, innovations. 1715-1864 - 2013 - 1
N°2 - L'Eloquence du silence. Dramaturgie du non-dit sur la scène théâtrale des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles - 2014 - 1
N°3 - Le document iconographique dans son contexte : le hors-champ des images du spectacle - 2014 - 2
N°4 - Dance and the Dutch Republic - 2015 - 1
N°5 - Consuming Female Performers (from the 1850s to the 1950s) - 2015 - 2
N°6 - Shakespeare en scène, hier et aujourd'hui - 2016 - 1
N°7 - Le Suicide au théâtre - 2016 - 2
N°8 - Danse et morale, une approche généalogique/Dance and Morality : a diachronic historical approach 2017-1
[HS 1] - Déjouer l'injouable : la scène contemporaine à l'épreuve de l'impossible 2017
N°9 - Écrire pour la scène : auteurs de théâtre (XVe-XVIIIe siècles) 2017-2
N°10 - Masculinité et théâtre. 2018-1
N°11 - Le théâtre au collège. 2018-2
N°12 - Saluts, rappels et fins de spectacle (xixe-xxie siècles) 2019-1
N°13 - The Stage and Its Creative Processes. c16-c21 2019-2 - vol. 1
N°14 - The Stage and Its Creative Processes. c16-c21 2020-1 - vol. 2

Sabine Chaouche

Canular n°20 - 2 - Pièces de Sophocle

Niveau moyen

Retrouvez les véritables titres des pièces de Sophocle. Attention aux pièges tendus par notre farceur de service !

Les Trolls qui viennent
Vieux type roi
Les Spectres
File l'octet
Le Zip à colonnes
Les Piliers

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Les Trachiniennes
Oedipe roi
Oedipe à Colone
Les Limiers

Sabine Chaouche

Canular n°22 - 2 - Pièces d'Aristophane

Niveau : moyen

Retrouvez les véritables titres des pièces d'Aristophane. Attention aux pièges tendus par notre farceur de service !

Les Acharnés
Les Caves alliées
Les Buées
Les Guêpières
Les Oies d'eau
Les Thermo-souris
L'Aigre Nouille

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Les Acharniens
Les Cavaliers
Les Nuées
Les Guêpes
Les Oiseaux
Les Thesmophories
Les Grenouilles

Sabine Chaouche

Wednesday, December 15th 2010
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Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professor in Arts and Culture (1,0 fte)


Vacancy number:

From August 2011, the Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen, offers a tenure track position for assistant/associate professor in the field of Film Studies and/or Theatre Studies

A combination of disciplines is possible and will be welcomed, as is a combination of one of the mentioned disciplines and New Media Studies.

The department of Arts, Culture, and Media offers four art disciplines: Film, Theatre, Literary and Music Studies. In close cooperation with the department of Art History and Architecture a fifth discipline – Visual Arts – is offered. For their bachelor exam, students specialize in one of these art disciplines, which they combine with a major in one of the contextual specializations: Analysis and Criticism; Arts Policy and Management, or Arts Education.

Research in the department is focused on the functioning of the arts in society, approached from various theoretical and methodological perspectives. This research is carried out in the context of the interdisciplinary Institute for Cultural Research Groningen.

What we expect

- A strong and inspiring contribution to our teaching in one or more of the fields mentioned;

- A dynamic and stimulating participation in the research of the Institute for Cultural Research Groningen (time for research constitutes 40% of the total time available): the candidate should have his or her own research specialism and research programme; he/she should be able to initiate and coordinate research cooperation within the department and within the faculty, supervise PhD theses, and secure external funding for research projects;

- The performance of administrative and organizational duties.


The candidate must have a doctorate in the field of Arts and Society, or a closely related field. He/she has at least two years of (international) post doctoral experience and a track record of outstanding, internationally recognized research, with publications in leading journals cited by prominent researchers. He/she is able to acquire external research funds, including third party funding from cultural organizations, and supervise PhD theses. He/she has a solid network in the field of the arts. He/she has excellent organizational and teaching skills, is fluent in English and has a good knowledge of Dutch, or is willing to learn this language within two years.

Conditions of Employment

The appointment will initially be made for 2 to 5 years as assistant professor. Before the end of the temporary appointment, there will be an assessment of performance based on established criteria including research and teaching qualifications. A positive appraisal will lead to promotion to the rank of associate professor, followed after three more years by a promotion to the rank of junior professor, after a positive evaluation. After 1-4 years a new assessment for promotion to full professor will take place, according to the standard criteria of the faculty. The different phases of the tenure track may be reduced depending on academic results of the fellow before and during the fellowship.

The University of Groningen offers a salary dependent on qualifications and work experience between €3872 and €5390 (CAO-NU, scale 12-13) gross per month for a full-time position.

For additional information, please contact prof. Liesbeth Korthals Altes, E-mail: or prof. Barend van Heusden, E-mail:

or consult: for general information on the Faculty of Arts; for more detailed information on the programme in Arts, Culture and Media; for a description of the tenure track, including assessment periods and assessment criteria.


Interested candidates are requested to submit a letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae (including 3 references), a list of publications, a list of five self-selected key publications (not copies of the papers), a statement on teaching goals and experience, and a brief description of his/her research plans (maximum: 3 pages).

Please submit applications by 19 January 2011 to:

University of Groningen
Personnel and Organization Department
P.O. Box 72
9700 AB Groningen
The Netherlands
E-mail address:

When applying for this job always mention the vacancy number

Responsable : Liesbeth Korthals Altes
Url de référence : (à partir du 20 decembre 2010)

Adresse : Postbus 716, 9700AS Groningen, Pays-Bas

sc- Fabula