Canular n°21 - 3 - Pièces de Plaute

Niveau : difficile

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L'Amphi triomphe
La Comédie des mânes
L'Arthrite à l'annulaire
Les Baksheeshs
Les Califes
Elastina ou l'étireur de corps
La Cafèt'
Le Paramythe
"Et pis" dit Guss
Les Mémères
Le Charmant
Le Seul Dard fanfaron
La Psalmodie de Brantôme
L'Oeil perçant
Le Petit Cartable grivois
Le Pasteur
Le Corsage
Les Trois Ecumes
Le Futal

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La Comédie des ânes
La Marmite ou l'Aululaire
Les Bacchides
Les Captifs
Casina ou les Tireurs de sort
La Cassette
Le Parasite
Les Ménechmes
Le Marchand
Le Soldat fanfaron
La Comédie du fantôme (Le Revenant)
Le Persan
Le Petit Carthaginois
Le Cordage
Les Trois Ecus
Le Brutal

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European Drama and Performance Studies - list of publications

N°1 - Le Développement du "grand spectacle" en France: Politiques, gestions, innovations. 1715-1864 - 2013 - 1
N°2 - L'Eloquence du silence. Dramaturgie du non-dit sur la scène théâtrale des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles - 2014 - 1
N°3 - Le document iconographique dans son contexte : le hors-champ des images du spectacle - 2014 - 2
N°4 - Dance and the Dutch Republic - 2015 - 1
N°5 - Consuming Female Performers (from the 1850s to the 1950s) - 2015 - 2
N°6 - Shakespeare en scène, hier et aujourd'hui - 2016 - 1
N°7 - Le Suicide au théâtre - 2016 - 2
N°8 - Danse et morale, une approche généalogique/Dance and Morality : a diachronic historical approach 2017-1
[HS 1] - Déjouer l'injouable : la scène contemporaine à l'épreuve de l'impossible 2017
N°9 - Écrire pour la scène : auteurs de théâtre (XVe-XVIIIe siècles) 2017-2
N°10 - Masculinité et théâtre. 2018-1
N°11 - Le théâtre au collège. 2018-2
N°12 - Saluts, rappels et fins de spectacle (xixe-xxie siècles) 2019-1
N°13 - The Stage and Its Creative Processes. c16-c21 2019-2 - vol. 1
N°14 - The Stage and Its Creative Processes. c16-c21 2020-1 - vol. 2

Sabine Chaouche

Canular n°20 - 2 - Pièces de Sophocle

Niveau moyen

Retrouvez les véritables titres des pièces de Sophocle. Attention aux pièges tendus par notre farceur de service !

Les Trolls qui viennent
Vieux type roi
Les Spectres
File l'octet
Le Zip à colonnes
Les Piliers

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Les Trachiniennes
Oedipe roi
Oedipe à Colone
Les Limiers

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Canular n°22 - 2 - Pièces d'Aristophane

Niveau : moyen

Retrouvez les véritables titres des pièces d'Aristophane. Attention aux pièges tendus par notre farceur de service !

Les Acharnés
Les Caves alliées
Les Buées
Les Guêpières
Les Oies d'eau
Les Thermo-souris
L'Aigre Nouille

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Les Acharniens
Les Cavaliers
Les Nuées
Les Guêpes
Les Oiseaux
Les Thesmophories
Les Grenouilles

Sabine Chaouche

Monday, May 14th 2012
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Poetry: Steven Matthews

Steven Matthews is the author of the poetry collection, 'Skying', which will appear from Waterloo Press in June 2012. His poems have appeared in many journals, including "Poetry Review", "Stand", and "Oxford Magazine". He is also the Director of the Poetry Centre at Oxford Brookes University.

All poems reproduced with courtesy of Steven Matthews

Wires, not gut

(c) Sabine Chaouche - Los Angeles 2009
(c) Sabine Chaouche - Los Angeles 2009
Take a plectrum
........ to the sky

and prick out
........ lyre-songs

that wring
....... from the cloudedness

the tears
....... it is so

........ with concealing

(c) Steven Matthews
May 2012.


(c) Sabine Chaouche - Oxford 2009
(c) Sabine Chaouche - Oxford 2009
“It’s because I’ve lived so much that I want to live so much more”
(Pablo Neruda)

It’s some sepiaed Spanish
country of the mind
(so much, and too much):
so much the bask of light,

as the cloud-haze clears
from the slopes of El Cielo,
and the sun frees upon
the bodice-fans of thick leaves

cicadas, to their squall
of chatter, fandangos
that survive the habits
of inevitable song.

(c) Steven Matthews.
May 2012.


(c) Sabine Chaouche - New York 2009
(c) Sabine Chaouche - New York 2009
She comes to this spot each afternoon in
summer, sets her stool on the stamped soil path,
and checks the tuning of her guitar.
Passers-by soon group in anticipation,
bored parents pause pushchairs, and rest on them.
A few chords, but still the song does not begin.

She gazes beyond, toward the shimmer
in sunlight at the end of the path,
where the words might come from,
.............................................distant from her,
yet words for the lovelornness that might well
from her, drawing the tune and the beauty
that re-cast the demarcations of the day.

(c) Steven Matthews
May 2012.

Turn and turn again

(c) Sabine Chaouche -- Cours les Barres 2011
(c) Sabine Chaouche -- Cours les Barres 2011
Upset at being made think of these
as crooked, silhouetted
skeletons’ fingers pleading
....................into a blank sky

I am waiting
for the nubs of the buds
to split, for
their leaves and red blossom flame out

(c) Steven Matthews
May 2012.

The Earth Turned Upside Down

(c) Sabine Chaouche - Oxford 2009
(c) Sabine Chaouche - Oxford 2009
Where from, where to?
Crazed contrails in the snow,
and some firm god
trampling the heavens
in vengeance.

Phaeton’s chariot-marks, maybe,
once the restless horse-team
had gone out of control
and the wheels slewed
all over -
time itself become confused,
the dark of day, light of night,

through both of which
the pursuing Jove,
frantic to enforce order
before the whole globe
went up flames.

(c) Steven Matthews
May 2012.


This cell has switched
exfoliating in its darkness,

expanding its reach
and about to break out,
.........................take over,

transmit its agony
......................from the beauty
of its flourish

(c) Steven Matthews.
May 2012.

(c) Sabine Chaouche - Oxford 2012
(c) Sabine Chaouche - Oxford 2012

Nota Bene:
The images or poems relating to this exhibition must not be reproduced without theauthors' permission.
Les images ou poèmes relatifs à l'exposition virtuelle ne doivent pas être reproduits sans l'autorisation de leur auteur.

Sabine Chaouche

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