Sunday, February 14th 2016
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Workshop on staging: understanding roles and rehearsal practices

Le Joueur (The Gamester) by Jean-François Regnard, III.6


Mr Adam and Mr Galonnier (merchants), Valère, Hector

Line for the entrance.

Someone’s coming.

Another issue to sort out.
They can feel where money is.

We need to get rid of them.
To see you, as far as I can remember.

Mr Adam
I often come here to see you but you gamble at night and sleep all day long.

Do you need me to pay for this horse-drawn carriage?

Mr Adam
Yes, please.

But you sew so badly.

Mr Adam
Our daughter is getting married.

And her fiancé most probably is proud of her.

Mr Adam
We really are in need of cash.

May I die right away, Sir Adam, if I have any…

Me Adam
Your account is overdue for a very long time…

Your debt is no better than mine.

Mr. Adam
But Sir, when should I come back then?

I am going to get married and ….

In this case….

Mr Adam
I need money though.

Mr Galonier
Sir, this marriage… Will it be soon?

Very soon. (aside) I am getting angry.

Me Adam
Is it today?

Hector dismisses him
Should somebody find you here, the marriage may be delayed.

Mr Adam coming back
You swear therefore that….

Hector pushing them
Sure, let me sort this out.

Mr Adam and Mr Galonnier coming back once again
But, Sir.

So much fuss for such a little thing? Oh for Christ sake, leave us alone!
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Sabine Chaouche

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